Why this Blog?

I am 69 years and 4 months old. Not a day goes by without somebody asking me to write a book or start a blog.

I get this comment frequently because I’ve been fortunate to have a very diverse and rich life. I’m also a very positive person who thinks life is brilliant.

The most exciting aspect of writing a blog, such as this, is taking the opportunity to present an opinion; a view of the world, the industry and topics from my perspective. Many of the things that will be discussed have been written about, researched and taught in universities – I just hope to add some of my personal views on them.

Hence this blog.

My aim is to share with those interested to know me, a bit about my life, and how and what I think about its varying avenues whether they be business, agencies, clients, companies, branding or marketing. I may even delve into some of the more personal sides of what makes me who I am today.

In my early years, I was a bit of a swat at school, and at university, I mixed in by being able to play a bit of soccer too.

SoccerMarketing was the new hot subject to study at the time. I was so intrigued that I must have devoured every single book and piece of information on the subject.

There was one specific topic that obsessed me at the time and that was; could a person become a millionaire through honest means? While most were skeptical, I chose to write an essay arguing that it is in fact possible. In my paper, I cited Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American industrialist, as an example of a business person who accomplished great wealth, whilst remaining honest.

I was, and still am, less fascinated by wealth creation than I am about values, and how to preserve one’s values in changing circumstances.

The value I consider to be most important is that of giving back. I love life and I love to live well, but I think life is better when you give more than you receive. Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

ChurchillI’ve always believed that in our region the communication industry is a transient one. Some choose to sail into the open sea of life, taking advantage of all the wind, without looking back or caring for the source of their lives. I don’t want to be one of these people. I want to give something back to this industry and , in doing so, I hope to leave a legacy that others may one day choose to replicate.

Since I am still an avid reader, I feel compelled to share my experiences with other avid readers, who are passionate about the true art of business and marketing as I am.

Marketing book sticking outIn our world of business, communication and creativity, one has to master several topics. I believe that mastering these topics, and adding one’s own point of view on them is essential.

As I mentioned, my intention is to delve into many topics through this blog:

I want to share my thoughts on business as a whole. I’m proud of the fact that I am a businessman through and through. Although I head a creative and media agency, I am always cognisant that it is a business we are running and I instill this reasoning into my team. I strongly believe that we should never be afraid or shy away that a business exists to make money.

Money and businessI intend to discuss the backbone of our industry – the clients. We would not exist without our clients and an agency needs to have a better understanding of their client’s business, than anyone else outside the boundaries of that client’s company.

At heart, I consider myself to be a strategic planner so I make a point of staying up to date, and on the pulse, of the Middle East and North African consumer’s past, present and future aspirations. One of my favourite pastimes is challenging the agency’s creatives and planners on their facts, and encouraging them to remain thought leaders within our industry.

Coffee cupNaturally, over time, industries grow and develop and the advent of social media this last decade has changed the name of the game in our industry- from monologue to dialogue.

Today, consumers have claimed media platforms and channels as their own. What agencies have to do, to earn their fees and ‘ink’, is to think creatively and give consumers the tools they need to enrich their experiences with brands – and make money in the process.

So get ready to hear a lot more about my perspective on these topics and so much more.

As with any perspective and open dialogue today I encourage my readers to post comments, ask me questions and give me feedback, because I am sure that many of the topics are worthy of a healthy debate, and I am looking forward to having those conversations with you all.